Chantix Side Effects

Chantix Side Effects

Chantix has been effective at assisting smokers in curbing their risky habit.  However, Chantix carries the risk of some very serious psychological side effects that many people are not aware of.  Mood swings, depression and even Chantix suicide have been tied to use of the smoking cessation drug.  Some of the most dangerous Chantix side effects are:

Chantix Aggressive Behavior

Chantix has been tied to abnormally aggressive behavior and violent mood swings.  The drug works by binding to the brain’s nicotine receptors and effectively reducing nicotine cravings while simultaneously altering the levels of dopamine present in the nervous system.

The chemical imbalance this process creates can cause volatile Chantix mood swings and aggression.  A corroborating 2010 study published in the medical journal PIoS ONE found that Chantix use was present in more than twice the number of reported acts of violence as other drugs.

Depression and Suicide

Chantix has been correlated with increased instances of depression, thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts.  It is unclear how the drug is tied with these psychiatric disorders, though evidence shows the connection is apparent.

The FDA received almost 300 reports of depression and Chantix suicide during a single 18-month period.  The agency subsequently issued a black box warning regarding the risk for these Chantix side effects.  The black box warning is the severest warning that the FDA will issue regarding potential drug risks.


Chantix blackouts are not uncommon, which often result in serious injury and hospitalization to the patient.  Like other psychiatric symptoms, it is unclear what causes these blackouts.  However, they are terrifying and disorienting for sufferers.

Heart and Cardiovascular Complications

The most recent classification of complications tied to the drug, Chantix cardiovascular problems have been found at an increasing rate.  In June of 2011, the FDA issued a statement that the drug may increase the risk of heart attack and serious cardiac events for patients with pre-existing cardiovascular disease.  The drug label will be updated with this information about the risk of Chantix heart attack.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

A rare and debilitating disease, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome causes the skin to peel away from the underlying tissue.  The condition can begin with flu-like symptoms, or a rash on the face or neck which spread rapidly to the torso and other parts of the body.  At its worst, Chantix Stevens-Johnson Syndrome results in toxic epidermal necrolysis, in which the skin peels from the underlying tissue in sheets.


Many Chantix users who have no history or diabetes begin seeing symptoms soon after beginning the drug.  Sometimes, the symptoms continue even after cessation of the drug.  These symptoms of Chantix diabetes include blurry vision, frequent urination, excessive thirst and high glucose levels, and can persist for the rest of the Chantix user’s life.